Strong Showing by Cornell Linguistics Grads at the 2024 LSA Meeting

Several current Linguistics grads presented at the 2024 Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Annual Meeting:

  • Evelyn Fettes “Functions of Full Nominal Reduplication in Jakarta Indonesian”
  • Kaelyn Lamp (with Professor Marten van Schijndel)  “The Linguistic Expression of Hate Speech: A Corpus Analysis of Causal Constructions in Hate Speech”
  • Charlotte Logan "First Americans/Nations and the Linguistic Society of America: Past, Present and Future"
  • Kihyo Park (with Professor Marten van Schijndel)  “Animacy drives reanalysis in Korean double nominatives”
  • Yexin Qu “Revisit High Vowels and Glides in Mandarin Dialectally and Diachronically”

Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow Amalia Skilton organized and presented in the symposium "Bridging Child Language Research to Practice for Language Revitalization."

Cornell Linguistics faculty participated in the sessions and the planning of the meeting.  Professor Sarah Murray is a co-chair of the LSA Program Committee and chaired one of the sessions; Professor Molly Diesing is a member of the LSA Centennial Planning Committee; Professor Marten van Schijndel reviewed abstracts and chaired one of the sessions; and Professor John Whitman presented "Vowel harmony in OJ and Proto-Japonic."

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Grad student Yexin Qu at the 2024 LSA Annual Meeting