MA/PhD Alumni

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Mary Moroney, Ph.D.
"Definiteness and Quantification: Evidence from Shan"
Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester

Ekarina Winarto, Ph.D.
"Word Order: Case Study of Scrambling & Object Shift in Indonesian"
Linguist & Localization Consultant at Lausanne Business Solutions
Lecturer at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Mia Windhearn, Ph.D.
"Alternatives, Exclusivity, and Underspecification"
Post-doctoral researcher and lecturer, Heinrich-Heine University


Jacob Collard, Ph.D.
"A Model of Unsupervised Formal Learning for Natural Language"
NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Carol-Rose Little, Ph.D.
"Mutual dependencies of nominal and clausal syntax in Ch'ol"
Assistant Professor at the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma

Hasan Sezer, Ph.D.
"Puzzling reflexive kendi in Turkish and its implications for the parser"
Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Istanbul Health and Technology University

Ryan Windhearn, Ph.D.
"Evidence from Innovation: Reconstructing Disharmonic Headedness for Proto-Indo-European"
Visiting Assistant Professor at Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics at Concordia University


Shohini Bhattasali, Ph.D.
“A Neurolinguistic Approach to Noncompositionality and Argument Structure"
Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Linguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park

Kim Will, Ph.D.
"The Semantic and Pragmatic Functions of Partitive Clitic NE in Standard Italian"


Emily Barth, Ph.D.
“Adverbial Accent Shift in Vedic Sanskrit"
Latin Teacher at Valley School in Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Christina Bjorndahl, Ph.D.
“A Story of /v/: Voiced Spirants in the Obstruent-Sonorant Divide”
Special Faculty in the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University

Sarah D'Antonio, Ph.D.
"How Reasonable is 'Reasonable'? A Study of U.S. Jury Instructions"
Focus Discovery Analyst at Lighthouse

Naomi Enzinna, Ph.D.
“Automatic and Social Effects on Accommodation in Monolingual and Bilingual Speech”
User Experience Researcher at Scopus IT

Robin Karlin, Ph.D.
“The Timing of Tone Gestures and Tone-Bearing Units: A Cross-Linguistic Investigation”
Postdoctoral Research Associate in the SMAC Lab at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan, Ph.D.
“Phonological Variation in Jakarta Indonesian: An Emerging Variety of Indonesian”

Jixing Li, Ph.D.
“Neural Mechanisms of Pronoun Resolution”
Postdoctoral Research at Neuroscience of Language Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi


Sarah Courtney, Ph.D.
"Agreement at the Boundaries: Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches to φ-agreement in the Left Periphery"

Cara DiGirolamo, Ph.D.
"Clitics and Head-Movement as Intra-Syntactic Morphology"

Esra Predolac, Ph.D.
"The Syntax of Sentential Complementation in Turkish"
Lecturer, Turkish, Critical Languages Consortium Coordinator, School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Kansas University

Todd Snider, Ph.D.
"Anaphoric Reference to Propositions"

Hao Yi, Ph.D.
"Lexical Tone Gestures"
Senior Speech and Data Scientist at Nuance Communications, Inc.


Nan Li, Ph.D.
"T(ense) in Mandarin Chinese: Form and Meaning"
Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures at Queens College, CUNY

Chelsea Sanker, Ph.D.
"Patterns of Misperception of Arabic Guttural and Nonguttural Consonants"
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences at Brown University


Josh Buffington, M.A.
Ph.D.program in psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Linda Heimisdottir, Ph.D.
"The Phonology of Aspiration in Icelandic: A gesture-based Approach"
Linguistics Project Manager, Appen

Marie-Josée L’Espérance, M.A.
"The Phonetics and Phonology of Liaison Consonants in Montreal French"
Masters in Education at McGill University

Satoshi Ito, Ph.D.
"Bias and Prosody in Japanese Negative Polar Questions"
Assistant Professor, Mie University

Christopher Sundita, M.A.
Conversational User Experience Designer at Walmart


Becky Butler, Ph.D.
"Deconstructing the Southeast Asia Sesquisyllable: A Gestural Account"
English Language Specialist and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Zhong Chen, Ph.D.
"Animacy in sentence processing across languages: An information-theoretic prospective"
Rochester Institute of Technology

Kyle Grove, M.A.
"Lexical Structure, Weightedness, and Information in Sentence Processing"
Consultative Decision Scientist, Teradata Corporation

David Lutz, M.A.
Principal Data Scientist at Capital One

Ika Nurhayani, Ph.D.
"A Unified Account of the Syntax of Valence in Javanese"
University of Brawijaya, Indonesia


Natalia Buitrago, M.A. 
"Types of Focus in Spanish: Exploring the Connection Between Function and Realization"

Edward Cormany, Ph.D.
"A Preference Analysis of Imperatives: Connecting Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics"
Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments
cormany (AT)

Masayuki Gibson, Ph.D.
"Lexical Tone, Intonation, and Their Interaction: A Scopal Theory of Tune Association"
Linguist and Speech Scientist, Synfonica LLC, Ithaca, NY

Philip Robinson, M.A.
"Russian Genitive of Negation is Obligatory! (At Least When the Speaker Sort of Feels Like Using It)"

Jiwon Yun, Ph.D. 
"WH-Indefinites: Meaning and Prosody"
SUNY at Stony Brook, Computational Linguistics


Julie Balazs, M.A.
"The Syntax of Small Clauses"
M.S. Program in Speech Pathology, Ithaca College
jbalazs1 (AT)

Marisa Boston, Ph.D.
"A Computational Model of Cognitive Constraints in Syntactic Locality"
Senior Research Engineer in Natural Language Processing at Nuance Communications

Adam Cooper, Ph.D. 
"Syllable Nucleus and Margin in Greek, Vedic, and Proto-Indo-European"
Lecturer in Linguistics, Northeastern University
ac244 (AT)

Octav Eugen de Lazero, Ph.D.
"Aspect in Syntax"
North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia
od32 (AT)

Tova Friedman, Ph.D.
"A Type-Based Approach to Adjectival Distribution"
Consultant at McKinsey and Company, Tel Aviv, Israel
tova.friedman (AT)

Effi Georgala, Ph.D.
"Applicatives in their Structural and Thematic Function: A Minimalist Account of Multitransitivity"
Manager Research Applications, Natural Language Processing, Nuance Communications
effi.georgala (AT)

Jonathan Howell, Ph.D.
"Meaning and Prosody: On the web, in the lab, and from the Theorist's Armchair"
Assistant Professor, Montclair State University

Seongyeon Ko, Ph.D.
"Tongue Root Harmony and Vowel Contrast in Northeast Asian Languages"
Assistant Professor, Department of Classical, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures
Queens College, CUNY

Margaret E. L. Renwick, Ph.D.
"Vowels of Romanian: Historical, Phonological, and Phonetic Studies"
Department of Linguistics, University of Georgia


Nikola Predolac, Ph.D.
"Syntax and Information Structure: Free Constituent Order and Flexible Relative Prominence in Serbian"
np62 (AT)

Zhiguo Xie, Ph.D.
"The Relevance of Gradability in Natural Language: Chinese and English"
Ohio State University, East Asian Languages & Literatures

Roman Bailey, M.A.
"Split Scope and Modality"


Hyun Kyung Hwang, Ph.D.
"Scope, prosody, and pitch accent: the prosodic marking of wh-scope in two varieties of Japanese and South Kyeongsang Korean"
JSPS Postdoctoral fellow, National institute for Japanese language and linguistics
hh223 (AT)

Daniel Kaufman, Ph.D.
"The Morphosyntax of Tagalog Clitics: A Typologically Driven Approach"
Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders, Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center


Johanna Brugman, Ph.D.
"Segments, Tones and Distribution in Khoekhoe Prosody"

Clifford Crawford, Ph.D.
"Adaptation and Transmission in Japanese Loanword Phonology"
TextWise, Rochester, NY
cliff.crawford (AT)

Tejaswini Deoskar, Ph.D.
"Induction of Fine-grained Lexical Parameters of Treebank PCFGs with Inside-outside Estimation and Lexical Transformations"
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam

Hongyuan Dong, Ph.D.
"Issues in the Semantics of Mandarin Questions"
Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
The George Washington University

Pittayawat Pittayaporn, Ph.D.
"The Phonology of Proto-Tai"
Department of Linguistics
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


Kyoko Yamakoshi, Ph.D.
"The Acquisition of Quantifier Scope Interaction: Children's Interpretation of Quantifier Scope Interaction in English and Japanese"

Serena Crivellaro, M.A.
"Investigating Prosodic Boundaries"
London Business School
serena.crivellaro (AT)

Ásgrímur Angantýsson, M.A.
"Embedded Fronting Constructions in Icelandic"
Ph.D. student, University of Iceland

Hye-sook Lee, Ph.D.
"Pitch Accent and its Interaction with Intonation: Experimental Studies of North Kyeongsang Korean"
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Georgetown University

Kazuha Watanabe, Ph.D.
"Tense and Aspect in Old Japanese: Synchronic, Diachronic, and Typological Perspectives"
Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literature
California State University, Fullerton

Yuping Zhou, Ph.D.
"Towards a dynamic, ambiguity-rich semantics -- inspired by a corpus study on the negation~quantifier scope ambiguity"
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Computer Science
Brandeis University 
yzhou (AT)

Rina Kreitman, Ph.D.
"The Phonetics and Phonology of Onset Clusters: The Case of Modern Hebrew"
Research Associate, University of Maryland
rkreit (AT)

Yumiko Nishi, Ph.D.
"Verb Learning and the Acquisition of Aspect: Rethinking the Universality of Lexical Aspect and the Significance of L1 Transfer" 
Associate Professor of Japanese Linguistics
Department of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures
University of Iowa

Anastasia K. Riehl, Ph.D.
"The Phonology and Phonetics of Nasal-Obstruent Sequences"
Director, Strathy Language Unit
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Aggrey Wasike, Ph.D.
"The Left Periphery, Wh-In-Situ and A-Bar Movement in Lubukusu and Other Bantu Languages"
Michigan State University


Diego De Acosta, Ph.D.
"Have + Perfect Participle in Romance and English: Synchrony and Diachrony"
Professor, Linguistics and Spanish Language
The Evergreen State College

Irene Mittelberg, Ph.D.
"Metaphor and Metonymy in Language and Gesture: Discourse Evidence for Multimodal Models of Grammar"
Assistant Professor, Linguistics and Cognitive Semiotics, Human Technology Centre
RWTH Aachen University


Marc Brunelle, Ph.D.
"Register in Eastern Chan: Phonological, Phonetic, and Sociolinguistic Approaches"
University of Ottawa

Tanya Matthews, Ph.D.
"From Category Label to Discourse Strategies: Girls' Categorization Practices at Millcreek High"
tanya.matthews (AT)

Devon Strolovitch, Ph.D.
"Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, Contact, and Convivência"
Producer, Ben Manilla Productions (San Francisco)

Sang Doh Park, Ph.D.
"Parameters of Passive Constructions in English and Korean"
Korea Cyber University

Marek Przezdziecki, Ph.D.
"Vowel Harmony and Coarticulation in Three Dialects of Yoruba: Phonetics Determining Phonology"
Programmer/Analyst, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Administration
Cornell University
map18 (AT)


Edith Aldridge, Ph.D.
"Ergativity and Word Order in Austranesian Languages"
University of Washington

Niken Adisasmito-Smith, Ph.D.
"Phonetic and Phonological Influences of Javanese on Indonesian"
Lecturer, Department of Linguistics
California State University, Fresno
nadisasmito (AT)

Arthur Bell, Ph.D.
"Bipartite Negation and the Fine Structure of the Negative Phrase"
Foreign Service Officer
U.S. Department of State

Marisol del Teso-Craviotto, Ph.D.
"Games People Play: The Linguistic Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Spanish and English Internet Chats"
Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Miami University

Eungyeong Kang, Ph.D.
"Edge-Demarcation in Phonology"
Professor, Department of English Language and Literature
Sangmyoung University, South Korea 
egkang (AT)

Jiahong Yuan, Ph.D.
"Intonation in Mandarin Chinese: Acoustics, Perception, and Computational Modeling"
Linguistics Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania

Rachel Hastings, Ph.D.
"The Syntax and Semantics of Relativization and Quantification: The Case of Quechua"
Faculty, Evergreen State College

Changguk Yim, Ph.D.
"The EPP and Nominal/Predicational PP's in English and Korean"
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Chung-Ang University, South Korea

Steven Bonta, Ph.D.
"Negombo Fisherman's Tamil: A Case of Contact-Induced Language Change from Sri Lanka"
Instructor of English and Spanish
Penn State University - Altoona
scb17 (AT)


Yoshihito Dobashi, Ph.D.
"Phonological Phrasing and Syntactic Derivation"
Associate Professor, English and American Culture and Civilization
Niigata University, Japan

Meehyei Lee, M.A.
"Topics in Korean Mimetic Expressions"
Senior Lecturer, Korean Language
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
University of California, Berkele

Budzani Gabanamotse, M.A.
"Serial Verbs in Naro"
Department of African Languages and Literature 
University of Botswana


Josep Alba-Salas, Ph.D.
"Light Verb Constructions in Romance: A Syntactic Analysis"
Associate Professor of Spanish
Pedagogical Coordinator for the Foreign Exchange Visitors Program 
College of the Holy Cross, Worchester MA

María Blume del Río, Ph.D.
"Discourse Morphosyntax Interface in Spanish Non-Finite Verbs: A Comparison Between Adult and Child Grammars"
Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, Linguistics and Literature Section
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima Perú

Nuria Lopez Ortega, Ph.D.
"The Development of Discourse Competence in Study Abroad Learners: A Study of Subject Expression in Spanish as a Second Language"
Field Service Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Basic Spanish
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
University of Cincinnati

Whitney Anne Postman-Caucheteux, Ph.D.
"Thematic Role Assignment in Indonesian: A Case Study of Agrammatic Aphasia"
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Temple University
whitmeyanne (AT)


Jennifer Austin, Ph.D.
"Language Mixing and the Acquisition of Morphosyntax in Basque/Spanish Bilingual Children"
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
Rutgers University

Haraldur Bernharðsson, Ph.D.
"Verner's Law in Gothic"
Regular Lecturer at University of Iceland 
Research Scholar at Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies 

Traci Suiter, Ph.D.
"Linguistic Foundations of Investigative Discourse Analysis and Content Based Criteria Analysis"

Yue Wang, Ph.D.
"Perception, Production, and Neurophysiological Processing of Lexical Tone by Native and Non-Native Speakers"
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics
Simon Fraser University


Doris Borrelli, Ph.D.
"Raddoppiamento Sintattico in Italian: A Synchronic and Diachronic Cross-Dialectal Study"
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Rochester Institute of Technology

Bruce Cain, Ph.D.
"Dhivehi: Synchronic and Diachronic Study"

Theresa Case, Ph.D.
"Kana in the Eighth Century: An Ancient Japanese Writing System"
Yonsei University (Wonju campus), Korea
tlcase (AT)

Frederick Hoyt, M.A.
"Agreement, Specificity Effects, and Phrase Structure in Rural Palestinian Arabic Existential Constructions"
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Lisa Lavoie, Ph.D.
"Phonological Patterns and Phonetic Manifestations of Consonant Weakening"

Takashi Toyoshima, Ph.D.
"Head-to-Spec Movement and Dynamic Economy"
Faculty, Department of Brain Science and Engineering 
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan
toyoshima (AT)

Kasumi Yamamoto, Ph.D.
"The Acquisition of Japanese Numeral Classifiers"
Department of Asian Studies, Williams College


Kevin Connelly, Ph.D.
"The Textual Function of Onondaga Aspect, Mood, and Tense: A journey into Onondaga Conceptual Space"
Onondaga Reservation, Upstate New York
kconon (AT)

Tobey Doeleman (Nelson), Ph.D.
"The role of phonological features in the internal representation of American English consonants: Evidence from behavioral, neuroimaging & computational modeling ap proaches"
Research Associate, Autism Center
University of Washington
doeleman (AT)

Kirsten Fudeman, Ph.D.
"Topics in the Morphology and Syntax of Balanta, an Atlantic Language of Senegal"

Patricia Genung, Ph.D.
"Subject-Verb agreement in German embedded clauses: A study of classroom learner production"

Yonghong Mao, M.A.
"Islands and Resumptive Pronouns in Chinese Relative Clauses"

Takashi Nakajima, Ph.D.
"Word Order in the Minimalist Program: A Derivational Approach"
Toyama Prefectural University, Japan

David Parkinson, Ph.D.
"The Interaction of Syntax and Morphology in the Acquisition of Inuktitut"
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond WA
davpark (AT)

Jorge Pérez-Silva, Ph.D.
"The Psycholinguistic Basis of Andean Spanish Morphosyntax"
Professor, Department of Humanidades
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
operez (AT)


Jonathan Alcantara, Ph.D.
"The Architecture of the English Lexicon"

Ewa Dornisch, Ph.D.
"Multiple-wh-Questions in Polish: The Interactions Between Wh-phrases and Clitics"

William Ham, Ph.D.
"Phonetic and Phonological Aspects of Geminate Timing"
Senior Speech Scientist, Nuance Communications

Kunio Nishiyama, Ph.D.
"The Morphosyntax and Morphophonology of Japanese Predicates"
Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Communication Studies
Ibaraki University, Japan

Mandy Simons, Ph.D.
"Or: Issues in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Disjunction"
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Carnegie Mellon University


David Brandt, M.A.
"Using Neural Networks and Sonority Theory for Automatic Segmentation of Speech"
Technical consulting work in Boston, MA

Ioana Chitoran, Ph.D.
"The Phonology and Morphology of Romanian Glides and Diphthongs: A Constraint-based Approach"
Associate Professor, Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7

Antony Green, Ph.D.
"The Prosodic Structure of Irish, Scots Gaelic, and Manx"

Hyunsoon Kim, Ph.D.
"The Phonological Representation of Affricates: Evidence from Korean & Other Languages"
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Becky Letterman, Ph.D.
"The Effects of Word-Internal Prosody in Sinhala: A Constraint-Based Analysis"
Adjunct Faculty Member
Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College

Asun Martinez-Arbelaiz, Ph.D.
"The Syntax and Semantics of Conditional Clauses: Evidence form Spanish and Basque"
University Studies Abroad Consortium
Universidad del País Vasco, Spain
marti298 (AT)

Ignazio Mirto, Ph.D.
"The Syntax of the Meronymic Construction"
Job in Italy at a private prep school, teaching Italian/English languages

Akinloye Ojo, M.A.
"Incorporation of Words into Yoruba: A Sociolinguistic and Phonological Analysis"
University of Georgia

Aneta Pavlenko, Ph.D.
"Bilingualism and Cognition"
Professor of TESOL, Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology in Education

Justin Spence, M.A.
"Feature Checking and Subject Position in Kiswahili Tensed Relative Clauses"
Graduate Student in Linguistics at UC Berkeley

Ayako Tsuchida, Ph.D.
"Phonetics and Phonology of Japanese Vowel Devoicing"
tsuchida (AT)

Ratree Wayland, Ph.D.
"Acoustic and Perceptual Investigation of Breathy and Clear Phonation in Chanthaburi Khmer: Implications for the History of Khmer Phonology"
Affiliation: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Linguistics Department, University of Florida
ratree (AT)

Eun-Young Yi, Ph.D.
"Re- and De-Constructing Coordination in Korean"
McKinsey & Company
eunyoung_yi (AT)


Barbara Avila-Shah, Ph.D.
"Subject Pronoun Expression in Puerto Rican Spanish: A Sociolinguistic, Morphological, and Discourse Analysis"
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
SUNY Buffalo

Wing Ming Chan, Ph.D.
"On the Theory of Aspect and Chinese Aspect Systems"
Web Developer, Upstate Medical University
chanw (AT)

Claire Foley, Ph.D.
"Knowledge of the Syntax of Operators in the Initial State: The Acquisition of Relative Clauses in French and English"
Visiting Faculty of Linguistics
Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages & Literatures
Boston College
folelycw (AT)

Jeong-Im Han, Ph.D.
"The Phonetics and Phonology of Tense and Plain Consonants in Korean"
Professor, Department of English
Konkuk University, Korea

Michael Jessen, Ph.D.
"Phonetics and Phonology of the Tense and Lax Obstruents in German"
Department of Speaker Identification and Audio Analysis
Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden, Germany

Vladimir Sedov, Ph.D.
"Lexical Means of Expressing the Category of Purpose in a Modern English Dictionary"

Chioko Takahashi, Ph.D.
"Multiplicity, Optionality, and Constraints on the Distribution of Nominative Case in Japanese"


John Bailyn, Ph.D.
"A Configurational Approach to Russian Free Word Order"
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics 
Stony Brook University

Elaine Ballard, Ph.D.
"The Cologne Versions of Lanseloet van Denemerken: a linguistics analysis"
Lecturer, Department of Psychology
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Isabella Barbier, Ph.D.
"Configuration and Movement: Studies of the First Language Acquisition of Dutch Word-Order"
Content Classification Manager, Yahoo!

Laurent Dekydtspotter, Ph.D.
"Null Operator-Variable Structure, Predication and the Interpretive Interface"
Professor of Second Language Studies and French and Italian 
Indiana University, Bloomington

Raul Elias-Cintron, Ph.D.
"Towards a General Theory of Agreement: A Psycholinguistic Study of Spanish Gender"
Director of Global Purchasing, Fragrance Chemicals
Firmenich S.A. Geneva Switzerland

Thórhallur Eythórsson, Ph.D.
"The Syntax of Verbs in the Early Germanic Languages"
Research Professor in Linguistics
Institute of Linguistics, University of Iceland
tolli (AT)

Beverley Goodman, Ph.D.
"Features in Ponapean Phonology"
Associate Professor, Linguistics Program
Eastern Michigan University

Luis Lopez Carretero, Ph.D.
"Polarity and Predicate Anaphora"
Professor of Linguistics and Department Head, Hispanic Studies
Department of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese
University of Illinois at Chicago

Corinne Moore, Ph.D.
"Speaker & Rate Normalization in the Perception of Lexical Tone by Mandarin & English Listeners"
Application Development Manager
The Boeing Company

Lynn Santelmann, Ph.D.
"The Acquisition of Verb Second Grammar in Child Swedish: Continuity of Universal Grammar in Wh-Questions, Topicalization & Verb Raising"
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Linguistics
Portland State University

Kaori Ueki, M.A.
"A Study of Social Variation in Edo Japanese"
Back in Japan working in private industry

Yuko Yanagida, Ph.D.
"Focus Projection and WH-Head Movement"
Professor, Institute of Modern Languages and Cultures 
University of Tsukuba, Japan 
yanagida (AT)


Maher Bahloul, Ph.D.
"The Syntax and Semantics of Taxis Aspect, Tense and Modality in Standard Arabic"
American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Raja Bahloul, M.A.
"Inflectional Morphology, Negation, and the Clausal Structure in Tunisian Arabic"
American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Ruriko Kawashima, Ph.D.
"The Structure of Noun Phrases and the Interpretation of Quantificational NPs in Japanese"
Meiji Gakuin University, Japan

Emiko Konomi, Ph.D.
"The Structure of Nominal Predicate in Japanese"
Assistant Professor of Japanese
World Languages and Literatures
Portland State University, Portland OR
konomi (AT)

William McClure, Ph.D.
"Syntactic Projections of the Semantics of Aspect"
Associate Professor of Linguistics, CUNY Graduate Center
Japanese Language Program, Queens College

Edward Rubin, Ph.D.
"Modification: A Syntactic Analysis and its Consequences"
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics
University of Utah

Adam Wyner, Ph.D. 1994, Advisor: J. Bowers
Research Associate - IMPACT Project
Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
IMPACT Project:


Michael Bernstein, M.A.
Cascadilla Press
michael (AT)

Ann Bradlow, Ph.D.
"Language-Specific & Universal Aspects of VowelProduction & Perception: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Vowel Inventories"
Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics
Northwestern University

Noura Belazi, Ph.D.
"Semantics and Pragmatics of the Tunisian Tenses and Aspects"

Regina Hauptmann, M.A.
"Sentential Negation in English and German: Problems in Syntax and L2 Acquisition"
Dean of Students, Truman Career Academy, WA
rhauptma (AT)

Harry Howard, Ph.D.
"Sigma P, Affective Inversion, and Topicalization in English and Spanish"
Associate Professor of Theoretical Linguistics
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Tulane University

Tami Kaplan, Ph.D.
"The Second Language Acquisition of Functional Categories: Complementizer Phrases in English and Japanese"
Faculty Governance Administrator, Office of the President
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gita Martohardjono, Ph.D.
"WH-movement in the Acquisition of a L2: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Three Languages With and Without Overt Movement"
Associate Professor and Chair, M.A./Ph.D. Program in Linguistics
Graduate Center, City University of New York

Erika Mitchell, Ph.D.
"Morphological Evidence for Syntactic Structure: The Finno-Ugric Languages & English"

Leslie Porterfield, Ph.D.
lp20 (AT)

Gudrun Thorhallsdottir, Ph.D.
"The Development of Intervocalic *j in Proto-Germanic"
Associate Professor of Icelandic Linguistics 
University of Iceland

Jacqueline Toribio, Ph.D.
"Parametric Variation in the Licensing of Nominals"
Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
The University of Texas at Austin 

Alice Turk, Ph.D.
"Effects of Position-in-Syllable and Stress on Consonant Articulation"
Professor and Director of Studies
Department of Linguistics and English Language

Michael Weiss, Ph.D.
"Studies in Italic Nominal Morphology"
Professor, Department of Linguistics
Cornell University

Keiko Yoshida, Ph.D.
"Syntax and Semantics of WH-Quantifier Interactions"


Yang Gu, Ph.D.
"The Syntax of Resultative and Causative Compounds in Chinese"
Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Elizabeth (Beth) Hume, Ph.D.
"Front Vowels, Coronal Consonants and their Interaction in Non-linear Phonology"
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Yetunde Laniran, Ph.D.
"Intonation in Tone Languages: The Phonetic Implementation of Tones in Yoruba"
System Administrator and Owner
Tekmama Solutions, Portland, OR
Ylaniran (AT)

Der-Hwa Victoria Rau, Ph.D.
"A Grammar of Atayal"
Professor of Linguistics
Institute of Linguistics
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Susana Sainz, Ph.D.
"A Noncyclic Approach to the Lexical Phonology of English"
Instituto Normal Superior " Pluriétnico del Oriente y Chaco" (INSPOC)
Camiri Santa Cruz, Bolivia
ssainz (AT), ssainz (AT)

David Silva, Ph.D.
"The Phonetics and Phonology of Stop Lenition in Korean"
Provost and Academic Vice President
Salem State University

Sunil Kariyakarawana, Ph.D.
"Long Distance Dependencies in Sinhala: The Syntax of Focus and Wh"
Department of Language and Communication Science
City University London

Tomoyuki Yoshida, Ph.D.
"Quantifiers and the Theory of Movement"
Associate Professor of English, Division of Languages
International Christian University, Japan
yoshidat (AT)

Renée Zakia, Ph.D.
"The Role of Transition Duration in the Perception of Speech and Nonspeech"
Boystown National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE
zahia (AT)

BA Alumni

Class of 2020

Charlie Accurso
Sasha Badov (minor)
Nassima Boukhalfa
Nicole Bradbury
Gabriel Buffey
Nellie Butler (minor)
Kalen Chang
Derek Cheng (minor)
Sourabh Chakraborty (minor)
Hannah Dahl
Sophia Evans
Michael Golden
Mark Jones
Tingwei Liu (minor)
Rachel Nash (minor)
Catherine Sadoff (minor)
Hans Slechta
Troy Smith (minor)
Elizabeth Stell
Kairui Sun (minor)
William Timkey
Hongsheng Zhao

Class of 2019

Javier Agredo
Lavanya Aprameya
Varun Biddanda (minor)
Katrina Bootes (minor)
Anya Harter
Marissa Holl
Hannah Peirce
Roberto Romeu
Benjamin Steeper
Abiey Tibebu (minor)
John Trujillo
Harrison Unruh (minor)
Eric Wang (minor)
Leah Wank
Daniel Weber (minor)
Catherine So Young Yoo

Class of 2018

Jessica Brofsky (minor)
Paige DeLoach
Avery Faucette (minor)
Jose Armando Fernandez Guerrero
Severine Hex (minor)
Joel Hoover (minor)
Gwen Kahler
Andrew Kott
Lauren Levine
Liane Longpre (minor)
Jaelyn Moore
Laura Moraff
Paola Ocampo
Alexander Renda (minor)
Shiven Srivastava (minor)
Noah Sterling
Alyssa Trigg
Martha Wolfe
Stephanie Yan (minor)
Skyler Yeatman

Class of 2017

Christian Brickhouse
Matthew Crescimanno
Jagravi Dave
Haley Deibel
Katey Huddleston
Nathaniel Hunter
Greta Jenkins
Flora Kielland (Jan 2017)
Niels Kuehlert
Melody Li
Matthew Linden
Patrick Niedzielski
Veronica Osborn
Elisha Sword
Nigel VanderWoude
Andy Wong
Brian Young

Class of 2016

Frederick Callaway
Caile Collins (Jan 2016)
Colleen Cournoyer
Blake (Christian) Dauphinais
Christian De La Paz
Katherine Flood
Nathan Gelb-Dyller
Emma Lantz
Jonathan Masci
Shishir Nair (Aug 2016)
Amin Nikbin
Eric Ricciardi
Michael Sosnick
Madeline Tingle

Class of 2015

Hana Bae 
Sarah Birmingham 
Danielle Burgess
Brendan Dion 
Elana Feldman 
Nathan Floro 
Adam Gianforte 
Sarah Gutz 
Ruby Ogno 
Christina Pedrin Westrem 
Eric Pesner 
Sylvan Whitmore

Class of 2014

Abigail Brown (Jan 2014)
Julia Buffington
Zachary Callaghan
Dominique Corley
Julia DiPiazza
Chantal Hoff
Elizabeth Houze
Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky
Jordan Needle
Michael Schramm
Amanda Sevcik
Krystal Sze
Lilly Zhang

Class of 2013

Martha Austin 
Jenna Chaffee
Aletheia Cui 
Jennifer Fischell 
Caitlyn Flynn (Jan 2013)
Ksenia Kriksunov (Jan 2013)
Jie Min 
Robin Perelli 
Scott Reu 
Helen Tian 
Rachel Wong

Class of 2012

Annie Bass
Angelina Brown
Claire Cordella
Sam Ferenc
Brian Freitas
Chorok Hwang
So Young Kim
Eliana Levavi (Jan 2012)
Zhengyang Lu
Emily Magaziner
Nathan Nicholson
Paul Picinich
Irina Potopova
Jennifer Powell
Jennifer Proctor
Caitlyn Short

Class of 2011

Ashley Dong
Hannah de Kleer
Hannah Guthrie
Miriam Nussbaum
Kathryna Pitt
Ben Reich
Elizabeth Troyer 
Alessandra West
Jordan Whitlock
Kimberly Will
Steven Xu

Class of 2010

Priscilla Cunha
Ryan Fan
Jared Foelsch
Alexandra Harlig
Daniel Kenkel
Kyung-Ah Kim
Caroline Preus
Melanie Redeye
Pavel Vodenski
Anna Waldon

Class of 2009

Marisa Brook
Trevor Caira
Rebecca Fortgang
Brian Gainor
Samantha Goldberg
Amy Graziano
William Price
Morgan Ulinski
Mohan Zhang

Class of 2008

Sarah Andrus
Oren Berman
Anthony Cardell
Lauren Cohen
Margaret Fandrich
Katherine Geenberg
Nina Glatthorn
Sally Kim
Mark Lee
Umi Miyahara
Danielle Nelson
Oliver Northrup
Laura Suttle
Andrea Thompson

Class of 2007

Laura Alves
Brian Amos
Daniel Bickley
Jedediah Drolet
Stacia Eggleston
Matthew Tucker
Laura Zabele

Class of 2006

Byron Ahn
Hannah Appelbaum
Russell Berryman
Donald Black
Elspeth Clark
Michelle Dixon
Aaron Dulles-Coelho
Ann Eisenberg
Samuel Firke
Annie Gagliardi
Patrick Hegde
Grace Liu
Katharine Pan 
Aaron Sommers
Ariane Tulloch
Aaron Wilkins

Class of 2005

Daniel Auerbach
Holly Banfield
Elizabeth Burnham
Katherine (Conlon) Develyn
Scott Danner
Kathleen Devlin
Tanya Ellerbrock
Andrew Jonas
Wynnie Lamour
Catherine Mendez
Joanne Orhue
Krishna Raghavan
Rebecca Tucker
Susan Walker

Class of 2004

Will Argetsinger
Sarah Baptist
Andrew Callegari
Amanda Dalola
Amelia Dougherty
Rebecca Farber
Gustavo Figueroa
Theresa Fives
David Friedland
Michelle Fullwood
Marisa Genuardi
Anna Henson
Jennifer Jones
Daniel Levenson
Susan Moskwa
Jessica Nauright
Jennifer Rodriguez
Zachary Rood
Isaac Spencer
Vasanth Sriram
Lisa Van

Class of 2003

Jessica Bauman
Charmion Browne
Ryan Ducket
Molly Finn
Lana Lau
Daniel Lenski
Brian Lowe
Andrea Pantor
Irene Pollock
Neal Racinowski
Jessica Thaler
Noa Walsky
Christopher Wells
Carla Wettig

Class of 2002

Matt Bosch
Sevasti Drossos
Siobhan Dubin
Linda Ely
Emily Kishel
Nicole Marcus
Bonnie Puckett
Christina Sohn
Matt Teichman
Alice Tu
Carolyn Turett
Matt Underhill

Class of 2001

Rosa Allison
Michael Armer
Julia Bozzolo
Gina Cardillo
James Curcio
Emily Green
Sarah Kayfetz
Katherine (Nalevanko) Baker
Kirill Tolpygo
Michelle Yu

Class of 2000

Erwin Chan
Kell Chesbro
Clifford Crawford
Anna Korpak
Melissa Mallery
Jessica Megill
Eric Schoenbaechler

Class of 1999

Kristina Buhrman
Marjorie Freedman
Christian Fricke
Yana Karalnik
Anne Koehne
Amy Lai
Ingrid Lee
Katherine Ng
Armando Nunez
Timothy O'Donnell
Conor Quinn
Han Rhee
William Todd

Class of 1998

Kisuh Ahn
Felix Arellano
Thomas Chan
Stephanie Chiu
Julie Goldberg
Daniel Klein
Karla Lambert
Catherine (Meeks) Schwiebert
Robert Podesva
Emily Quarles
Maya Ravindranath

Class of 1997

Catherine Fountain
David Greenberger
Beth (Martin) Quittman
Jason Peck

Class of 1996

Adam Albright
Erik Brynolfson
Julia Chou
Timothy Cosgrove
Anika Daniels
Bridget Garcia
David Garrett
Tani (Gelbwachs) Nagaoka
Ken Lacy
Stucky Maura
Jennifer Pan
Lawan Sahaditgul
Amy Vigorita
Thomas Werner
Serena (Wong) Kachlany

Class of 1995

Eric Hedman
Frank Jary
Dong Min Kang
Ann Tu
Peter Vinogradov

Class of 1994

Roger Chang
Jessica Bellinder
Hans Grohmann
Brooks Lawrence
Matthew Makashay
Steven Rudin
Gloria Son

Class of 1993

Mia Blackler
Paul Epstein
Katherine Lockwood
Joanna Lowenstein
Heather McLeod
Norvin Richards
Eric Scheirer
Jennifer Smith

Class of 1992

Melissa Ditmore
Munkyung Kang
Emily Marton
Andrew McMillin
Marina Rolbin
Michael Rosner
Doris Vissicchio

Class of 1991

Constance Anderson
Cristina Boccuti
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Dean
Heather Gilmer
Andrew King
Wendy Leynse
Craig Miles
Melissa (Sherman) Rothberg
Brian Yeager

Class of 1990

Kirsten Brock
Brian Busch
Susan Chikuba
Lorrie Goodplan
Robyn Kells
Elizabeth Pyatt
Bradley Delman