Linguistics Welcomes Three Nexus Scholars This Summer

Three students in the Nexus Scholars Program will be participating in research projects in the Department of Linguistics in Summer 2023.

Genie Enders and Luis Hernandez Rocha will be working with Professors Sam Tilsen and Helena Aparicio.  They are conducting research to better understand how speakers plan and produce sentences when describing dynamic visual scenes. The project combines eye tracking and sentence production to investigate how the timing of visual information in the environment influences processes involved in syntactic and phonological planning.

Jaden Cumpston will be working with Professor John Whitman and on the project Premodern Japanese Linguistic Materials, where he will be conducting research on Old Japanese Phonology and the development of Kunten, the origin of the Japanese writing system.

Genie, Luis, and Jaden are part of a cohort of 101 students in Arts and Sciences chosen for this program this year.

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Students in the summer in front of Morrill Hall