Endangered Language Alliance Works to Map Languages Spoken in New York City

The Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), co-founded by Cornell Linguistics alumni Daniel Kaufman, Ph.D. 2010, locates speakers of endangered languages spoken in New York City.  They then work alongside native speakers to document these languages.

Dr. Kaufman is now a professor at Queens College.  Many current and former Cornell linguistics graduate students have worked with the ELA, including current student Kevin Kwong, Lingzi Zhuang, Ph.D. 2023, now at the University of Toronto, Aggrey Wasike, Ph.D. 2007, also at the University of Toronto, and Anastasia Riehl, Ph.D. 2008, now at Queen's University in Canada.

The ELA's work in New York City is detailed in The World Capital of Endangered Languages, The New York Times Magazine, 2/22/2024.

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