Todd Snider Accepts PostDoc

August 24, 2017

Todd Snider is graduating with a PhD in Linguistics and a Cognitive Science grad minor, after having successfully defended his dissertation, "Anaphoric Reference to Propositions". He worked with co-chairs Sarah Murray and Mats Rooth, with Will Starr (Philosophy) and John Whitman. While at Cornell, Todd served as a President of the Cornell Linguistics Circle, as a voting member of the Graduate & Professional Students Assembly, as coordinator of the Semantics Research Group, and as an editor of the Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT).

Starting in the Fall, Todd will be joining the Language, Logic, and Cognition Center (LLCC) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as a postdoctoral research fellow. He'll be working on the MABAR Project under Professor Edit Doron, as well as continuing his own research program.