Superlinguistics offered in Spring 2022

October 28, 2021

Professor Dorit Abusch will be teaching LING 3344: Superlinguistics: comics, signs, and other sequential images for the first time in Spring 2022.

Super-linguistics is a subfield of linguistics that applies techniques used for analyzing natural language to non-linguistic materials. This course uses linguistic tools from semantics, pragmatics and syntax to study sequential images found in comics, films, and children’s books. We will also study multimedia, gestures, and static images such as instruction signs, emoji, and paintings. Linguistic topics include anaphora, implicature, tense and aspect, attitudes and embedding, indirect discourse, and dynamic semantics. We introduce linguistic accounts of each of the topics, and apply them to pictorial data. Prerequisite: LING 1101 or permission of instructor.

Other spring course offerings include:

LING 2212 Hieroglyphs to HTML: History of Writing

LING 2215 Psychology of Language

LING 2223 Language and the Law

LING 3302 Intro to Phonetics and Phonology

LING 3314 Historical Linguistics

LING 3332 Philosophy of Language

LING 4424 Computational Linguistics


Drawing of large woman standing with small man in colonial American officer uniform climbing a latter to her head