Summer Conference Wrap-up

September 25, 2017

The summer began with a group of Cornellians heading to Thailand for the Chulalongkorn International Student Symposium on Southeast Asian Linguistics.  Presenters included:

  • Mary Moroney - "Internally-headed relative clauses in Shan" 
  • Sireemas Maspong - "Length contrast in Sukhothai vowel System" 
  • Lingzi Zhuang - "Unifying lexical aspect and lexical causatives under CAUSE: Data from Vietnamese and Gurung" 

In addition, to presenting their own works, Cornellians participated the Chulalongkorn Summer School of Southeast Asian Linguistics.  The school included classes from an impressive list of faculty including our very own Professor John Whitman, Department Chair; Pittayawat Pittayaporn Ph.D. ’09 and current Head of the Department of Linguistics at Chulalongkorn University; and Marc Brunelle Ph.D. ’05 and Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Sounds Patterns Laboratory.

Cornell was also well represented at Acoustics 17 in Boston.  Presenters included:

  • Yanyu Long - "Gradient realization of Mandarin nasal codas"
  • Dan Burgdorf and Sam Tilsen  - "Articulatory differences between glides and vowels"
  • Hao Yi and Sam Tilsen - "Imitation of F0 timing in Mandarin disyllabic sequences"

Across the pond in the Netherlands, the 7th International Conference on Speech Motor Control featured Professor Sam Tilsen as an invited speaker.  Presentations from Cornell linguists included:

  • Invited Speaker: Sam Tilsen - "A Model of the Emergence of Coordinative Control"
  • Yanyu Long - "Two types of gestural control in Mandarin nasal codas"
  • Sam Tilsen and Dan Burgdorf - "Articulatory Differences between Glides and Vowels"

Finally, Sarah D’Antonio presented a poster at the Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics Roundtable 2017 in Denmark.  The poster was titled "How reasonable is 'reasonable'? A corpus study on US state jury instructions."

Students and faculty posing at a conference