Summer and Fall 2019 Conference Wrap Up

January 17, 2020

Summer and Fall 2019 brought a new wave of conferences, with our graduate students representing Cornell Linguistics.

International Conference on Historical Linguistics 24

  • Francesco Burroni and Sireemas Maspong – Contrast Emergence, Preservation, and Loss: A case study of initial geminates

International Congress of Phonetic Sciences

  • Abby Cohn and Rachel Vogel - Variation in two patterns of word-initial deletion in Jakarta Indonesia: Insight from naturalistic data

GLOW in Asia XII in Seoul and SICOGG XXI

  • Jing Gao – On the syntax of Mandarin post-nominal relative clauses

Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing, 2019

  • Forrest Davis and Abigail C Cohn – Effects of lexical frequency and compositionality on phonological reduction in English compounds

Thirteenth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation

  • Peter Sutton and Carol-Rose Little – The Finnish partitive in counting and measuring constructions
  • Carol-Rose Little – The interpretation of bare nouns in Ch’ol (Mayan)

Segmental Processes in Interaction with Prosodic Structure

  • Rachel Vogel – Prosodic prominence effects on laryngeal and supralaryngeal properties of Nepali stops

Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL)15

  • Eszter Ótott-Kovács – Genitive-marked subjects in Kazakh relative clauses
  • Mia Gong – A Lowering Analysis of Dagur CASE-POSS Order

27th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

  • Seung-Eun Kim – The Prosody of Contrastive Topic in Korean
  • Hitomi Minamida – Prosody and wh-scope in Osaka Japanese

50th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society

  • Mia Gong – A Lowering Analysis of Dagur CASE-POSS Order
  • Jing Gao – The syntax of non-restrictive relative clauses: a Mandarin case
  • Carol-Rose Little – Left branch extraction, freezing and object shift in Tumbalá Ch’ol

Fourth Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology

  • Nielson Hul – Dialect variation as evidence of subgrouping in Khmer

Linguistic Society of American Annual Meeting

  • Eszter Ótott-Kovács – Possessed relatives in Turkic
  • Carol-Rose Little – Left branch extraction and object shift in Tumbala Ch’ol
  • Carol-Rose Little, Mary Moroney, and Justin Royer – Classifying classifiers: Two kinds of numeral classifiers across languages
  • Forrest Davis and Abigail C Cohn – The relationship between lexical frequency, compositionality, and phonological reduction in English compounds

Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA)

  • Morelia Vázquez Martínez and Carol-Rose Little – Dimensions of definiteness in Ch’ol: A dialectical comparison
  • Frances Sobolak – Montana Salish epenthesis and consonant class division

Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL)

  • Jacob Collard – Unsupervised formal grammar induction with confidence
  • Joseph Rhyne – Reconciling historical data and modern computational models in corpus creation


Cornell Linguistics at LSA Conference