Linguistics Ph.D. Masa Gibson ’13 receives accolades for film

May 13, 2020

Masa Gibson’s (Ph.D. ’13) film To Be Forgotten won awards in 9 categories in the Creation International Film Festival. The film relates the story of an addict who attempts to erase his transgressions and all evidence of his existence. To Be Forgotten won Best in Show; Best Drama, Short; Best Director, Short; Best Actor, Short; Best Supporting Actress, Short; Best Cinematography, Short; Best Editing, Short, Best Original Score, Short; Best Sound Design, Short.

Gibson consistently finds a way of weaving their background in linguistics into their filmmaking. In To Be Forgotten, the synthetic voicemail voice from the protagonist's phone comes to life as a sentient character. In one of their earliest films, Taste Test, the entire dialogue is in a constructed Romance language. And in their latest film, Here You Are You Here, the main character speaks English but he's haunted by a spirit who speaks in backwards Icelandic.

Gibson and Abby J. Smith ’08 co-founded Marked Pictures in 2013.

Masa Gibson and Abby J. Smith smiling at camera