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Linguistics Major Certification Form

This form is required for your application to graduate. It tracks the courses you have completed to fulfill the major requirements in Linguistics. After you complete this form, make an appointment with your faculty advisor during your penultimate semester of study. Your faculty advisor will use the informaiton you submit here to complete Part II: Major Requirements of the application to graduate. The form will be recevied by our Undergraduate Coordinator and will be shared with your faculty advisor. You will receive an email confirmation at your Cornell email address.

See the requirements of the Linguistics major. Questions regarding the requirements can be addressed to Professor M. Weiss, 218 Morrill Hall, mlw36@cornell.edu.

Prerequisites of the Major

All Linguistics majors are required to complete LING 1101 - Introduction to Linguistics.

Ling 1101

Foundation Courses

Majors must complete all of the following courses.

Foundation Courses
LING 3302
LING 3303
LING 3314

Additional Courses

Majors must complete six additional linguistics courses (of 3 credits or more) selected in consultation with their advisor with the following conditions:

  • at least 2 of these must be at the 3000 level or above
  • no more than 1 of these may be at the 1000 level
  • no more than 1 of these may be satisfied by four credits of coursework with a CU-UGR designation

Any course with a LING prefix except for First-Year Writing Seminars and language courses counts as a linguistics course. Courses in other departments with significant linguistic content will be considered by petition.

Please list your additional courses here.

Additional Courses
Course NumberSemesterInstructorGrade

Majors must complete two courses (3 credits or more) in one or more of the following areas, selected in consultation with their advisor. This requirement is intended to equip them wiht practical skills relevant to their particular interests in linguistics. The Ancillary Skills Course requirement may be waived for students who are majoring in more than one field.

  • Statistics
  • Logic
  • Computer programming
  • Two semesters of study of a non-European or non-Indo-European language
  • Two semesters of study beyond the level required by the Arts College of a language relevant to the student's particular areas of interest
  • Language teaching methodology
Ancillary Skills Courses
Course NumberSemesterInstructorGrade