Hao Yi Working as a Speech and Data Scientist

August 30, 2017

Hao Yi recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Linguistics. His dissertation is titled “Lexical Tone Gestures,” in which he explored the lexical f0 control in Mandarin within the framework of Articulatory Phonology. He worked closely with Professor Sam Tilsen, Abby Cohn, and Draga Zec. Hao was an active member of Cornell Phonetics Lab and served on the organizing committee of the 15th Conference of Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon15). He utterly enjoyed his time in Ithaca, and is grateful for all the good people he met there.


Hao is currently working as a Speech and Data Scientist at Nuance Communications, Inc. in Mahwah, New Jersey. He is excited for the opportunity to work on speech applications that can improve the ability of machines to understand human languages, and he hopes to contribute to improving human-machine interactions with his linguistic and statistical knowledge.

Draga Zec, Sam Tilsen, Hao Yi, and Abby Cohn standing