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Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Department of Linguistics

Sam Tilsen


Sam Tilsen - Assistant Professor 



Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (2009), 216 Morrill Hall

[CV]  Cornell Phonetics Lab

Speech Imaging Group

Cornell Linguistics Outreach


My research investigates the dance of the tongue, lips, and jaw: the motions of the speech articulators. Speech movements are quick, fluid, overlapping, and coordinated. By observing the spatial and temporal effects of perturbations of speech motor planning, we can gain insight into how linguistic systems are represented cognitively. One main line of my research investigates the dynamics of articulatory, rhythmic, and prosodic systems in the planning and production of speech. The other main line of my research investigates interplay between motor and sensory representations in working and long-term memory, as well as their respective contributions to sound change.

Selected Publications