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Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Department of Linguistics

Draga Zec


Draga Zec - Professor

Ph.D., Stanford (1989)draga
219 Morrill Hall, 255-0728 [vivo]


My research focuses on phonological theory, a study of the principles that govern the patterning of sound in individual languages, as well as cross-linguistically.  I have worked in several areas of phonology and its interfaces: on the moraic theory of syllable structure, the representation of pitch accent, and both the phonology-morphology and the phonology-syntax interfaces.                         

Selected Publications

  • Contextual Evidence for the Representation of Pitch Accents in Standard Serbian. With Elizabeth Zsiga. To appear in Language and Speech.
  • Interface Effects: Serbian Clitics. With Molly Diesing. In Jeffrey Runner (ed.) Experiments at the Interfaces, Syntax and Semantics Volume 37, Emerald. To appear.
  • Quantity Sensitivity. In van Oostendorp, Marc (ed.) Companion to Phonology. Blackwell. 2011.
  • Phonological Consistency and Phonetic Variation: Tonal Alignment in Three Neo-štokavian Dialects. With Elizabeth Zsiga. Poster presented at LabPhon 12, University of New Mexico.  8-10 July, 2010.
  • Interaction of tone and stress in Standard Serbian: phonological and phonetic evidence. With Elizabeth Zsiga. In Browne, Cooper, Fisher, Kesici, Predolac and Zec (eds.) Formal Approaches to Slavic Languages 18. Michigan Slavic Publications. 2009.
  • Tone and Stress in Prominence Based Prosodic Systems." In Reich, J., Babyonyshev, M. and Kavitskaya, D. (eds.)  Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 17. Michigan Slavic Publications. 2009.
  • Review of Stephen R. Anderson, Aspects of the theory of clitics. Word Structure 2.1, 139-146. 2009.
  • Clitic placement in Serbian: Corpus and Experimental Evidence, (with Molly Diesing and Dušica Filipović-Đurđević) to appear in Proceedings from Linguistic Evidence 2008, S. Featherson and S. Winkler (eds.), Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Contextual Evidence for the representation of pitch accent in standard Serbian. With Elizabeth Zsiga. Poster presented at the Third Conference on Tone and Intonation in Europe. Lisbon, 2008.
  • Tone and stress in prominence based prosodic systems, in Formal Approaces to Slavic Linguistics 17, Slavica Publishers, 2008.
  • The prosodic word as a unit of poetic meter, in The Nature of the Word: Essays in Honor of Paul Kiparsky, K. Hanson and S. Inkelas (eds.), Cambridge: MIT Press, 2008.
  • Clitics in the South Slavic languages: The view from the interfaces, (with Molly Diesing) Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Working Papers 13-07, Cornell University, 2007.
  • The syllable, in Handbook of Phonology, P. De Lacy (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2007.
  • Rhythmic alternation, in Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Elsevier Press, 2006.
  • Prosodic differences among function words, in Phonology 22, 2005: 77-112.
  • Acoustics of contrastive palatal affricates predict phonological patterning, (with Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen) presented at 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Barcelona, 2003.
  • Prosodic weight, in The Syllable in Optimality Theory, C. R. Fery and R. van de Vijer (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2003.
  • Constraints on multiple feature occurrence, in Resolving Conflicts in Grammars: Linguistische Berichte, G. Fanselow and C. Fery (eds.).  Sonderheft 11, 2002.
  • The role of prosody in morphologically governed phonotactic regularities, in Working Papers of the Cornell Phonetics Laboratory 14: 249-276, 2000.
  • Multiple sonority thresholds, in Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 8, T. H. King and I. A. Sekerina (eds.), Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor, 2000: 382-413.
  • Footed tones and tonal feet: metrical constituency in a pitch accent language, in Phonology 16, 1999: 225-264