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Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Department of Linguistics

Michael Weiss


Michael Weiss - Professor

Ph.D., Cornell (1993)Michael Weiss
218 Morrill Hall, [vivo]


My main research interests focus on Indo-European linguistics. In particular I have been interested in the historical phonology and morphology of Greek, Latin and the Sabellic languages.  I am editing together with Andrew Garrett a Handbook of Indo-European Studies  and writing a new Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics with Jay Jasanoff, both for Oxford University Press. I am also working on a study of the sociocultural contexts of Indo-European Linguistics in the 20th century, and an investigation of some classic problems of the PIE phonological system including the stop system and the role of supra-syllabic constituents in PIE phonology. I am also interested in the theoretical aspects of historical linguistics. 

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Selected Publications


Edited volumes:

  • Kim, Ronald, Norbert Oettinger, Elisabeth Rieken, and Michael Weiss (eds.) 2010. Ex Anatolia lux. Anatolian and Indo-European studies in honor of H. Craig Melchert on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday.  Ann Arbor: Beech Stave Press.


Forthcoming and in preparation

Cosmogonia Italica. Forthcoming in the Atti del III Convegno Internazionale dell'Istituto di Ricerche e Documentazione sugli Antichi Umbri: Perugia-Gubbio 21-25 settembre 2011

Observations on the Prehistory of Lat. augurForthcoming in the Acts of the Milan Convegno in memoriam Helmut Rix.

The Cao Bang Theory: Some Speculations on the Prehistory of the PIE Stop System. [PowerPoint file]

Recent talks

Observations on the littera rule.