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Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Department of Linguistics

Alan Nussbaum


Alan Nussbaum - Professor

Ph.D., Harvard (1976)Nussbaum_180
324 Goldwin Smith Hall, 255-8331 [vivo]


The research I have done has been on two different sets of things.  On one side I've been interested in Indo-European linguistics in general, where most of my attention has been on questions the inflectional and (especially) derivational morphology of nominal forms in the reconstructed protolanguage.  More specifically, I've  worked on the morphological and semantic reconstruction of some characteristic denominative substantives and adjectives of Proto-Indo-European-e.g. collectives, "decasuatives" (nominals derived from actual case forms, rather than the stems, of their substantival bases), and the "Caland system."  My second research  area is Greek and Latin comparative and historical linguistics, where  I've studied a number of problems in Greek and Latin phonology and  morphology, done some work on the Italic dialects, and dealt with  Homeric language, largely from the point of view of Greek historical  grammar, but also with an eye on the purely phonological and morphological aspects of the technique of epic composition.                         


  • Languages: Elementary and Intermediate Greek, Elementary and Intermediate Latin, Elementary and Intermediate Sanskrit, Greek prose composition.
  • Greek and Latin Linguistics and Philology: Greek Comparative Grammar, Greek Dialects, Mycenaean Greek, Homeric Linguistics; Latin Comparative Grammar, Archaic Latin, Plautine Philology, Italic Dialects.
  • Indo-European Linguistics: Sanskrit Comparative Grammar, Seminars on Indo-European nominal formation, derivation and inflection in general, and on "Caland systems" in particular.
  • General Historical Linguistics.