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Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics, Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Cornell Univeristy Department of Linguistics

Abby Cohn


Abby Cohn - Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ph.D., UCLA (1990)Abby Cohn
226B Morrill Hall, 255-1747 [vivo]


My research focuses primarily on phonetics and phonology and their interaction. Often, phonetics and phonology are viewed as distinct areas of study. Yet there is an implicit relationship between phonology --the abstract representation and patterning of sounds as part of a sound system, and phonetics-- the physical output. The nature of this relationship has been at the center of my current research, in which I have investigated both processes and representations within phonology and phonetics. Methodologically Laboratory Phonology has offered new approaches to investigating the interface. With respect to language area, I have a particular interest in Indonesian languages and French.


  • Ling 2221 - Language and Society
  • Ling 4401 - Phonology I
  • Ling 4402 - Phonology II
  • Ling 6600 - Field Methods
  • Ling 6601 - Topics in Phonological Theory: Articulatory Phonology [F10]
  • Ling 6604 - Research Workshop
  • Ling 7700 - Seminar in Phonology: Phonology and the Lexicon - co-taught with M. Wagner [S07]
  • Ling 7702 - Reading Course: Geography, movement, and exchange: Crops, Language, and History - co-taught with J. Whitman, S. McCouch, and M. Fiskesjö [S10]


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