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Spring and Summer Presentations

September 30, 2016

The spring and summer were quite busy as Cornell Linguistics scholars continued to present their research at major conferences around the world. 

  • February 6-7:  Amui Chong presented her paper "Influence of conjugation class on phonological patterns: Vowel alternation in Spanish verbs" at the Berkeley Linguistics Society's 42nd Annual Meeting.
  • February 12-13: Sarah D'Antonio presented her paper “Palatalization in Legal Latin Borrowings into English” at the 2016 University of Alabama Languages Conference (UALC).
  • March 9-11:  Naomi Enzinna presented her poster entitled "Spanish-Influenced Prosody in Miami English" at Miami FLing 2016: Linguistics Matters Festival.
  • May 6-8:  Cornell was well represented at Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 9 (SULA) in Santa Cruz.  Sarah Murray, one of the invited speakers, spoke on the topic of "Reportative Indefinites.  Carol-Rose Little and Mary Moroney presented a paper entitled "Modeling the Proximate/Obviative Contrast in Algonquian Languages.
  • May 18-20:  Alex Turner presented his poster entitled "R as Trigger of Vowel Rounding in Eberswalder German: The Phonology and Phonetics" 'r-atics 5 at the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 
  • May 26-28:  Cornell linguistics also provided numerous participants for the 24th Manchester Phonology Meeting at the University of Edinburgh.  Draga Zec, with co-author Elizabeth Zsiga, presented a paper entitled "A New Typology of Tone and Stress Interactions."  She also presented a poster with Martin Kramer entitled "Deconstructing [continuant] in the Coda - a Typological Survey."  Abby Cohn and Okki Kurniawan presented their paper "Sources of Phonological Variation: Evidence from a Naturalistic Corpus of Jakarta Indonesian."  Christina Bjorndahl also presented her paper "The Typology of Voiced Spirants and the Emergence of [sonorant]."  Finally, Ryan Hearn presented a poster entitled "Rethinking the Core - Periphery Model: Lexical Evidence from Japanese."
  • May 29:  Jixing Li presented her paper, co-authored with Sam Tilsen, at Speech Prosody 2016 at Boston University. The paper was titled "Early Prosodic Manifestations of Disfluency."  Hao Yi also presented a poster entitled "Phrasal Stress in Mandarin Disyllabic Phrases: An Investigation Using Focus."
  • July 14-16:  Ekarina Winarto and Okki Kurniawan presented at the Twentieth International Symposium On Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL 20) in Melbourne, Australia.  Ekarina and her co-author Nanda Ernanda presented their paper titled "Relative Clauses in Indonesian and Pondok Tinggi."  Okki presented his paper "Intergenerational Language Transmission in Jakarta Indonesian: Evidence from Final Vowel [e] in Adults and Children Corpora."  In addition, Ika Nurhayani (Ph.D. 2014) presented her paper "The Representation of the Indonesian Passive with Bound Pronouns ku and kau."
  • July 14-16:  LabPhon15, hosted at Cornell, also included posters from Yanyu Long and Hao Yi.  Yanyu presented "Individual Differences in Perceptual Compensation and Lexical Effects and Implications for Sound Change" and Hao presented "Effects of boundary tones on the coordination of lexical tones.
  • August 26-28:  Sarah D'Antonio presented her paper "Linguistic Fuzziness in the U.S. Perjury Statute? An Experimental Follow-up" at the Fourth Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics & Phonetics in Mainz, Germany.


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