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Big Red at LSA

January 30, 2017

Cornell Linguistics scholars were on the road for a multitude of conference presentations during Fall 2016 and began the new year with a large showing at LSA.

  • September:  Robin Karlin presented her paper "The independence of the timing of tones and tone-bearing units: a study on Thai" at Tone and Intonation in Europe (TIE) in Canterbury at the University of Kent.  Hao Yi traveled to San Francisco where he presented his paper "Interaction Between Lexical Tone and Intonation: An EMA Study" at Interspeech 2016.
  • October:  Sarah Murray, Miloje Depic, and Carol Rose Little attended the 48th Algonquian Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Sarah gave a presentation titled "Mass and count nouns in Cheyenne," Miloje gave a joint presentation with Mike Hamilton titled "Theme Signs & Multiple Argument indexing," and Carol Rose presented her paper "On the morphophonology of Mi'gmaq subject agreement."  Simone de Lemos presented "The (headless) relative in the question: double ser-que interrogatives in Brazilian Portuguese" at the 5th Luso-Hispanic Linguistics Symposium hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • November:  Francesco Burroni traveled to the University of California, Los Angeles to present "Cutting Roots: PIE *kerh1/3-, PIE *(s)ker-, and the Umbrian Month Name Çersiaru" at the 28th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference.  Carol Rose Little, along with Morelia Vázquez Martínez (Instituto Tecnológico Superior De Macuspana), Lauren Clemens (University at Albany), and Jessica Coon (McGill University), presented "Codi_cación del enfoque en el habla seminatural en ch'ol" at FAMLi (Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics) in Valladolid, Mexico.  Eszter Otott-Kovacs and Hasan Sezer traveled to Indiana University, Bloomington for the 2nd workshop onTurkish, Turkic and the Languages of Turkey (Tu+ 2).  Eszter presented "Subject agreement marking in Kazakh non-finite clauses," and Hasan presented "Processing illicit onset clusters: A case study from Turkish."
  • December:  Jacob Collard journeyed to Nancy, France to present "Inferring Necessary Categories in CCG" at Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 2016.  Jixing Li presented the poster "Temporal Lobes as Combinatory Engines for both Form and Meaning" at Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Linguistic Complexity (CL4LC), which was co-authored with Jonathan Brennan (Univ of Michigan), Adam Mahar and John Hale.
  • LSA 2017 Annual Meeting:  Six Cornell scholars presented at the Linguistic Society of America's annual meeting in Austin, Texas.  Their presentations were as follows:
    - Shohini Bhattasali presented "Am I Stressed? Detecting Stress in Bengali"
    - Naomi Enzinna presented "How speakers select synthetic and analytic forms of English comparatives: an experimental study"
    - Ryan Hearn presented "Challenging Lexical Indexing Accounts of Stratal Behavior: Evidence from Japanese and English"
    - Robin Karlin presented "Effects of anticipatory dissimilation on the F0 and alignment of Thai contour tones"
    - Todd Snider presented "Conditions on Propositional Anaphora"
    - Mia Wiegand presented "Broadening Alternative Semantics: Exclusivity of Discourse just"

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